Aziz Anzabi




My base technique to create artworks is using real life natural events to create artworks with images or words from an imaginary world. Throughout my art I clearly elaborated the disposition (changing the shape of an object), and morphing of objects. I have long been intrigued and fascinated by these concepts. In my sculptures and painting, both figurative and abstract, I employ these aspects of a collective unconscious to evoke an emotional state within the viewer. In my figurative work, my goal is to capture the myriad changing state of the human condition through subtle changes in facial countenance and body language. The end result shows how the inner condition is expressed by the outward form while also conveying a timeless quality to human emotion. In my abstract sculptures, I have recreated the numinous quality of subconsciously shared images, stories, and ceremonial rites. The sculptures, themselves, are composed of abstract forms that are covered with a rich, textured surface. The end result is a complex organic piece that evokes a sense of ancient artefacts, of ritualistic objects from some unknown culture, or of imagined landscapes.


However, my ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of having experienced this before. I believe this feeling of arises from both the collective unconscious and a mystical centre we all share.........................



Dr. Aziz Anzabi,   original from Iran and London based, focuses his art on sculpture and painting. Anzabi’s art has a main concept of myths and rituals. Exploring these aspects and aiming for an unconscious emotional state within the viewer, Anzabi's art takes form in both figurative and abstract styles. ”My ultimate goal is to have the viewer feeling a sense of familiarity with the work; a sense of having experienced this before.”

He uses new continuity to potential collections of art to bring together a new concept originated from Iran.
Aziz Anzabi's art describes a fantasy that shelters the individual in order to lead him throughout life. With strong surreal influences, Anzabi creates a universe proclaiming harmony.
Anzabi's work has been displayed and purchased worldwide, from UK, USA, Spain, Italy and Dubai. In addition, his  workshave also appeared on National Stamps.He has written film scripts in the Middle East. Doctor Aziz Anzabi is also an academic, who also has written and produced books on the subjects of art and mathematics, being previously a professor at Tehran University.

Exhibition History

17 January 2020solo Sheiss gallery Iran Tehran
10 December 2019solo Ehsan gallery Tehran Iran
10 December 2019Art box Miami
22 November 2019solo Idea gallery Iran Tehran
15 August 2019Art box Zurich
25 Aug 2019Amsterdam International Art Fair
11 Nov 2015winner World Citizen Artists France
12 Jan 2015Mad recital spring or summer group exhibition USA
10 July 2015Emillion’s gallery group exhibition USA
18 June 2015Miami takes USA
16 Dec 2015Life in 4D exhibition Malaysia KLCC
10 Nov 2015Myartmakers group exhibition France
7 Dec 2014Human suffering when boys become men group exhibition - Harrison's fund London
3 Dec 2014Human suffering when boys become men group exhibition London
1 Oct 2014Human suffering at times of crisis group exhibition London
2-7 Dec 2014Scope art Miami USA
9 Dec 2014AAW Showcase group exhibition USA
18 Oct 2014Other Worlds group exhibition USA
9 Nov 2014JMV art excellence competition USA
19 Oct 2014Pulse Jomar group exhibition USA
16 Aug 2014Heat wave-techno and art group exhibition USA
23 Jun 2014Your dreams ... our vision group exhibition USA
21 Jun 2014Show it , dont say it group exhibition USA
17 May 2014Black , White and between group exhibition USA
9 May 2014The waiting room group exhibition USA
7 May 2014International group exhibition Mail Art Italy
7 May 2014Breath Whitepeaks fine art group exhibition London
19 April 2014Spring group exhibition USA
2 March 2014Award Winner Cosmofunnel USA
15 Feb 2014Romance group exhibition USA
31 Jan 2014A social commentary group exhibition USA
18 Jan 2014Secret City group exhibition USA
13 December 2013Mad recital group exhibition USA
7 October 2013Strand gallery group exhibition London
21 September 2013we've got the blue group exhibition USA
13 April 2013Parfait Cress well Windsor Uk
6 March 2013Art De Solter group exhibition Spain
17 August 2013short and sweet art group exhibition USA
17 June 2013Curve Theatre Leicester group exhibition
15 jun 2013Children of the Rainbow group exhibition USA
9 Jun 2013Resistance Gallery group exhibition London
16 March 2013A French flair group exhibition USA
3 December 2012No Man's land group exhibition London
10-16 May 2012Off Spring Duke gallery group exhibition London
April 2012Pollok Civic Glasgow
2-10 June 2012Castle Gallery group exhibition upon avon -UK
2 Nov 2012Artreach group - group exhibition Leicester UK
1 September 2012Brunei gallery group exhibition London
01/09/2012Group exhibtion Brunei Gallery
1 Jun to 10JunGroup Exhibition
14 September 2011putting the heart into art group exhibition
01 November 2011Benefit of chromatic Gallery UNICEF
jan 2011Galería Cromática group exhibition Spain
02 November 2011Bespoke Art One Devonshire group exhibition Glasgow
30 November 2011Barnardo's group exhibition Edinburgh